Hyundai Creta: Brake System / Brake Pedal

Components and components location


1.Stop lamp switch
2. Nut
3. Return spring
4. Brake pedal member assembly
5. Bolt
6. Brake pedal arm

Repair procedures

Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
Remove the crash pad lower panel.
(Refer to the Body group -"Crash Pad")
Disconnect the stop lamp switch connector (A).

Remove the wiring clip.

Remove the snap pin and clevis pin

Remove the mounting bracket bolts.
Tightening torque:
16.7 ~ 25.5 N.m (1.7 ~ 2.6 kgf.m, 12.3 ~ 18.8 lb-ft)

Remove the mounting nuts.
Tightening torque:
16.7 ~ 25.5 N.m (1.7 ~ 2.6 kgf.m, 12.3 ~ 18.8 lb-ft)

Check the bushing for wear.
Check the brake pedal for bending or twisting.
Check the brake pedal return spring for damage.
Installation is the reverse of removal.
Before installing the pin, apply the grease to the clevis pin.
Use a new snap pin whenever installing.
Adjust the brake pedal height and free play.
Check the brake pedal operation.
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