Hyundai Creta: Maintenance / Engine compartment

■ Gasoline Engine (Gamma 1.6 MPI) - Right Hand Drive

■ Gasoline Engine (Gamma 1.6 MPI) - Left Hand Drive

1. Engine oil filler cap
2. Engine oil dipstick
3. Brake/clutch fluid reservoir
4. Positive battery terminal
5. Negative battery terminal
6. Engine room junction block
7. Air cleaner
8. Radiator cap
9. Engine coolant reservoir
10. Windshield washer fluid reservoir

■ Diesel Engine (U2 1.4 TCI / U2 1.6 TCI) - Right Hand Drive

■ Diesel Engine (U2 1.4 TCI / U2 1.6 TCI) - Left Hand Drive

1. Engine oil filler cap
2. Brake/clutch fluid reservoir
3. Positive battery terminal
4. Negative battery terminal
5. Engine room junction block
6. Air cleaner
7. Radiator cap
8. Engine coolant reservoir
9. Engine oil dipstick
10. Windshield washer fluid reservoir
11. Fuel filter


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