Hyundai Creta: Lighting System / Components and components location

Component Location

1. Head lamp (Low/High)
2. Head lamp (Low/High BI _Function)
3. Turn signal lamp
4. Position lamp
5. Static bending light (SBL)
6. Daytime running light (DRL, Option)
7. Fog lamp
8. Side repeater lamp
9. Overhead console lamp
10. Room lamp (Standard)

1. Tail lamp
2. Stop/Tail lamp
3. Back up lamp
4. Turn singal lamp
5. High mounting stop lamp
6. License plate lamp
7. Rear fog lamp

Specifications Items Bulb Type Bulb Wattage (W) Front Head lamp General (Low/High) H4 ...

Head Lamps
Components and components location Component [General] 1. Head lamp High/Low beam bulb 2. Dust cap 3. Turn signal lamp bulb [Bi- ...

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