Hyundai Creta: General Information / Components and components location

Components Location
Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM)

1. Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM)

Driver Airbag (DAB) / Passenger Airbag (PAB)

1. Driver Airbag (DAB)
2. Passenger Airbag (PAB)

Side Airbag (SAB)

1. Side Airbag (SAB)

Curtain Airbag (CAB)

1. Curtain Airbag (CAB)

Seat Belt Pretensioner (BPT)

1. Seat Belt Pretensioner (BPT)

Front Impact Sensor (FIS)

1. Front Impact Sensor (FIS)

Side Impact Sensor (SIS)

1. Side Impact Sensor (SIS)

Repair procedures
Component Replacement After Deployment    • Before doing any SRS repairs, use the GD ...


Other information:

Hyundai Creta GS 2014-2020 Owners Manual: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Low tire pressure telltale / TPMS malfunction indicator Each tire, including the spare (if provided), should be checked monthly when cold and inflated to the inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer on the vehicle placard or tire inflation pressure label. (If your ...

Hyundai Creta GS 2014-2020 Owners Manual: Engine compartment panel fuse replacement
1. Turn the ignition switch and all other switches off. 2. Remove the fuse box cover by pressing the tab and pulling up the cover. 3. Check the removed fuse; replace it if it is blown. To remove or insert the fuse, use the fuse puller in the engine compartment fuse panel. 4. Push in ...

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