Hyundai Creta: Climate control system / Manual climate control system

1. Temperature control knob
2. Fan speed control knob
3. Mode selection knob
4. Air intake control button
5. Rear window defroster button
6. A/C (Air conditioning) button

In case of the Right-hand drive vehicle, the switches are in the symmetrically opposite order.

Heating and air conditioning

1. Start the engine.

2. Set the mode to the desired position. To improve the effectiveness of heating and cooling :

- Heating:
- Cooling:

3. Set the temperature control to the desired position.

4. Set the air intake control to the outside (fresh) air or recirculated air position.

5. Set the fan speed control to the desired speed.

6. If air conditioning is desired, turn the air conditioning system (if equipped) on.

Mode selection

The mode selection knob controls the direction of the air flow through the ventilation system.

Air can be directed to the floor, dashboard outlets, or windshield. Five symbols are used to represent Face, Bi-Level, Floor, Floor-Defrost and Defrost air position.

Face-Level (B, D, E)

Air flow is directed toward the upper body and face. Additionally, each outlet can be controlled to direct the air discharged from the outlet.

Bi-Level (B, D, C, E)

Air flow is directed towards the face and the floor.

Floor-Level (A, C, D)

Most of the air flow is directed to the floor, with a small amount of the air being directed to the windshield, side window defrosters and side vents.

Floor/Defrost-Level (A, C, D)

Most of the air flow is directed to the floor and the windshield with a small amount directed to the side window defrosters and side vents.

Defrost-Level (A, D)

Most of the air flow is directed to the windshield with a small amount of air directed to the side vents. (a/c & fresh mode automatically on)

Instrument panel vents

The outlet vents located in the rear can be opened or closed separately using the thumbwheel.

Also, you can adjust the direction of air delivered from these vents using the vent control lever as shown.

NOTICE To prevent damage to the conductors bonded to the inside surface of the rear window, never use sharp instruments or window cleaners containing abrasives to clean the window. If you wa ...

Temperature control
The temperature will increase by turning the knob to the right. The temperature will decrease by turning the knob to the left. Air intake control This button is used to select the outside ...

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