Hyundai Creta: Engine Control System / Accelerator Position Sensor (APS)

Description and operation

Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) is installed on the accelerator pedal module and detects the rotation angle of the accelerator pedal. The APS is one of the most important sensors in engine control system, so it consists of the two sensors which adapt individual sensor power and ground line. The second sensor monitors the first sensor and its output voltage is half of the first one. If the ratio of the sensor 1 and 2 is out of the range (approximately 1/2), the diagnostic system judges that it is abnormal.


Test Condition
Output Voltage (V) [Vref=5V]
0.7 ~ 0.8
0.28 ~ 0.48
Fully depressed
3.85 ~ 4.35
1.8 ~ 2.3

Schematic diagrams

Circuit Diagram


Repair procedures

Turn ignition switch OFF.
Disconnect the accelerator position sensor connector.
Measure resistance between voltage supply terminal and ground terminal of APS1.
Measure resistance between voltage supply terminal and ground terminal of APS2.
Check that the resistance is within the specification.
Specification : Refer to Specification Section.
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